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Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology (BBMB)

Department/Unit Contacts

Department Chair/Center Director Mark Hargrove
Cost Center Manager (CCM) Nicholas Schalinske

Meredith Horrell, Shobhana Ghimire

Grad Assistant (GA) Support Manager

Allison Ringholz

Business Unit Manager (BUM) Jordan Gillespie
SPA Accountant

Taylor Petersen (CALS/LAS)

HR Coordinator Kendra Eibs 
HR Partner Leslie Merriman (CALS), Jessica Stolee (LAS, HS)
Post Doc Consultant Misty Treanor
FSD Tree Spruce Branch 3

FSD Contacts

Grant Finance Specialists

Janae Peterson

Procurement & Expense Specialists

Diane Jepsen

Finance Specialists Tenann Everly