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Ásrún Ýr Kristmundsdóttir

Ásrún Ýr Kristmundsdóttir

  • Assistant Director Grants
Ásrún serves as the leader of the CARES team and the CALS research development lead, and as such, there is never a dull moment. Initially joining ISU as a research associate for a few years, she left academia to support a small startup biotech business. Upon her return to ISU, Ásrún spent time in various research administration roles with OSPA, the Bioeconomy Institute, the Grants Hub, and the Office of the VPR before joining CALS in January 2019. Ásrún has a bachelor's degree in Fisheries & wildlife from the University of North Dakota, a master's degree in genetics from Texas A&M University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Iowa. She loves to read (history, sci-fi, fantasy, how to train your mini (dragon) dachshund), hike, and travel to explore places, both new and return visits.

Contact Info

139E Curtiss
513 Farm House Ln.