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Finding Funding

Available here is a select list of Upcoming Funding Opportunities, updated regularly.



  • Internal funding opportunities can be found on the Vice President for Research website.  Link here.
  • Opportunities are available for the following types of programs: Presidential Interdisciplinary Seed and Initiative Programs, Specialty Research Advancement Funding, Biosciences Platform Funding, Arts and Humanities Grant Programs, Other Research Support Programs, and Cost Sharing Programs
  • While these internal opportunities are not formally submitted through the typical channels, please do not hesitate to contact the CARES team for help in completing a budget, justification, and formatting.

Foundation Funding

  • The ISU Foundation can be a great place for new researchers to find funding to get their research projects started. 
  • This link can be used to look at all upcoming opportunities, opportunities for non-tenure track faculty, or to submit a funding search request form.
  • Faculty can also contact to speak to someone directly about help in finding foundation funding or how to contact a specific donor.

Commodity Funding

Most commodity work is handled through the GoldSheet process, and competitive RFAs are issued on cycles determined by the organization, or as funding allows/needs arise. The best way to hear about these opportunities is to get on the commodity organization's mailing list, or check the website.

  • Some common groups- and how to find out about their research priorities- are detailed here:
    • National Pork Board – Current Open RFPs listed here.
      • Subscribe to their email list to receive RFP notices as they are released.
    • Iowa Beef Industry Council – RFPs are released via the “Checkoff News” page.
      • Calls for proposals are released periodically, and as checkoff dollars allow
    • Iowa Pork Producers Association – RFPs are targeted when available
      • Funding opportunities are made available to ISU faculty as funding allows
    • Holstein Association USA – Annual RFPs released, research priorities are targeted to Holstein cattle
      • Funding opportunities are published on their website
    • Foundation for Meat & Poultry Research & Education – Annual RFPs available with targeted research priorities
      • Opportunities are published on website and also sent out to researchers on their email list
    • US Poultry & Egg Association – Proposals accepted twice annually (fall and spring); navigate through the tabs under “Research Programs” for deadlines, budget info, and annual research priorities
    • The Poultry Protein & Fat Council also offers funding for projects related to the poultry rendering industry and use of byproduct meal. Proposed research projects should be designed to provide information that has the potential to resolve real industry problems (ex: Poultry Products, Waste Management, Food Safety)

Federal Funding

  • Federal funding opportunities can be found through several different ways at ISU
    • The CARES team periodically emails funding opportunities that should be of interest to CALS faculty. Talk to your CARES Team coordinator if you are not receiving these emails.
    • Limited submission opportunities are sent out every weekend are available on the Grants Hub website.
    • The Grants Hub website also has a couple different databases available for searching independently:
      • PIVOT – an online searchable database where researchers can identify funding opportunities and potential collaborators
      • GrantForward – another online database which includes federal, foundation, fellowships, and smaller opportunities
      • Research Insight – a helpful tool for administrators and faculty to use in identifying scholars in a specific expertise building diverse teams, and finding relevant funding opportunities
      • You can also contact Ásrún Kristmundsdóttir,, or Mandy Voyek,, directly for help in setting up a personal funding search

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